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Features of woodworking cnc beam saw

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Features of woodworking cnc beam saw

The features of a cnc beam saw:

  1. high accuracy,low material waste. the saw blades will move with the saw carriage which is guided by linear guide rail, so it ensure the cutting accuracy compared with manual sliding table saw.

  2. safe for operator. this is an important feature of the cnc beam saw. there is infrafed sensor in the cnc beam saw, when there is something close to the saw blade within 10cm, the sensor will work and stop the saw blade immediately,and make the saw carriage come down.

  3. High efficiency. one cnc beam saw has 6 times working efficiency than the sliding table saw. if equipped with auto loading lifting table, the efficiency will be higher.


  4. Easy operation. the cnc beam saw is equipped with PLC control, the operator only need to input the cutting size and quanity requested, then the machine will calculate and start cutting automatically


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