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How does the beam saw work

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The beam saw is one of the valuable machine among many kinds of woodworking machines. It provides effortless cutting method and cut the materials in large volumn and high accuracy.

But do you really know what a beam saw is?

Normally beam saw use a big circular saw blades to cut the wood panels into different sizes which we required. it is the most effective way to do the precise cutting job and maximize the cutting capacity.

How does the beam saw work?

There is a saw carriage to hold the circular saw blades and move left and right to do the cutting. With a pressure beam to press the wood materials and avoid the materials move which cutting.

with intelligent optimized software on the beam saw, the operation become simple and the cutting volumn can be maximized greatly.

What does beam saw used for?

The beam saw is typically used on construction work such as frameworks on wood doors, or specific products such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, beehive, wooden box etc.

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