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Only 3 simple steps to produce modular furniture at low investment

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Modular furniture is now very popular among young people in the recent years, so more and more furniture factories change to make this type of furniture

Its because of the following reasons –

– Modular furniture can add to the appeal of a beautifully designed room if you want to stay in tune with the ongoing trends of style and comfort

– It definitely makes sense for you to invest your money in the modular furniture, it could be your kitchen, bedroom or office where you spend most of your time

– Modular furniture offers flexibility, you can make an effective use of the residential / commercial space available with help of modular furniture.

– Installing a modular furniture in your home or office will happen in no time!

– Yet another advantage of modular furniture is that it gives a more organized and cleaner looking office and Kitchen.

Furnishing manufacturing set-up following 3 simple processes at a very low investment!

Universally there are only 3 steps that go behind modular furniture production and they are Cutting, Edge banding and Routing / Drilling.

1) Cutting of the panels such as Particle board, MDF, Plywood using a Panel saw based on the design requirements of the desired furniture is the first and foremost process. 


2) Edge banding is the process of covering the exposed sides of the cut panels with a PVC, ABS, Veneer, Melamine tapes using an edge banding machine for the panel aesthetics and durability 


3) The edge banded panels need to be assembled together as per the design to give it the final shape of the furniture, this process involves drilling / routing of panels so the various hardware fittings can be fixed, finally assemble the furniture as per the assembly drawings


Once all the above the processes are completed, the furniture can be installed easily following the assembly drawings. The machines required for producing these furniture depends solely on the complexity and volume of the overall production.

Foshan Mingji Woodworking Machinery Co.,Ltd supply the above mentioned woodworking machines (panel saw, edge banding machine, drilling machine) for modular furniture.Come and visit our website for more information.


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