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Use cnc router or cnc beam saw for the cuttinng job?

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For kitchen cabinets manufacturers,  of course we want to improve our working efficiency and get the best output. Nowadays with the help of intelligent woodworking machines, we can greatly improve the working capacity. Do you know which type of woodworking machines are more suitable for your factory?

At first, we should know what kind of kitchen cabinet  you are manufacturing. There are 3 methods of kitchen cabinet  manufacturing.  Furniture customs cabinet , modular cabinet and stock cabinet.

for the first two types, we need to use different types of woodworking machines. The general process is : cutting---edge banding---drilling

1.Funiture customs cabinet

the cabinet length, width, height, depth even color is made-to-order, everything can be adjusted to maximize storage space and beautify your design.Since everything is customized, the quantity needed is less, so a cnc router (nesting  machine) with optimized software is perfect for the cutting job. we can use the optimized software to input the sizes of panels needed, then it can generate the cutting path automatically.

2.Modular cabinets

this kind of cabinet is normally made base on a medium production basis. Manfacturers will produce some size which are most suitable and popular among customers. Since the quantity needed, a cnc beam saw is more suitable for mass production because we can cut several panels one time (whie a cnc router can cut only one panels one time). this will greatly improve the cutting capacity.

But now the cnc beam saw is often equipped with optimized software which is also suitable for customized kitchen cabinet. and we can connect the cnc beam saw machine to the cnc drilling machine, with a sensor to sence the barcode sticked on the panels, the cnc drilling machine will sence where to drill, very convenient.

In Foshan Mingji Woodworking Machinery Co.,Ltd, we have both cnc router (cnc nesting machine) and cnc beam saw, edge banding machine, drilling machine and other woodworking machine suitable for kitchen cabinets manufacturing.


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